Deluxe Blocking Wire Kit





















The HandWorks Blocking Wire Kit Contains:


• 40 Stainless Steel (highest grade), hand-polished, no-snag wires:

  --12 Fine Wires - 8 long (36") and 4 short (approx. 18")

  --16 Medium Wires - 10 long (36") and 6 short (approx. 18")

  --12 Heavy Wires - 8 long (approx. 33") and 4 short (approx. 16")

• 40 Nickel Plated rust-resistant T-Pins (2")

• Blocking Wire Instructional Brochure

• Packaged in a sturdy 36" tube for mailing and storage


The HandWorks Deluxe Blocking Wire Kit includes two different length wires – see details above. The finer wires are very flexible, while the heavier wires are more rigid. The fine wires are especially useful for blocking your lace knit items, no matter what shape - rectangular, circular, triangular, semi-circular, etc.


The kit includes three different diameter wires:

fine (approximately 1.0 mm, the size of 00000 knitting needles)

medium (approximately 1.25mm, the size 0000 knitting needles)

heavy (approximately 1.75mm, the size of 00 knitting needles)


The Deluxe Blocking Wire Kit $87.00

(includes shipping fees for US delivery)


For shipping to Canada, total cost is $110.00


Please allow two weeks for delivery


Kit Total Includes Shipping

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